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Your Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Whitehall, PA

Whether you are remodeling a contemporary kitchen, country chef's kitchen, traditional kitchen, transitional space or something more custom, call Veteran Grains for a free consultation and proposal. We provide transparent and reasonable quotes, and we've successfully remodeled dozens of kitchens in Fullerton and all of the Lehigh Valley. We would love to speak with you about materials, budget, appliances, design considerations and more, and nothing would make us happier than creating the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Remodeling for Every Style and Design Concept

Tailor your kitchen to fit your specific taste and needs, whether that's the homey feel of a country kitchen, the sleek blend of old and new in a transitional space, the warm, welcoming vibe of cottage style, the open look of a contemporary design, or anything else. We want to make sure that every choice, from materials to layout, supports the overall design goal.

For country kitchens, for instance, think natural wood cabinets and stone countertops to emphasize a rustic feel. Transitional kitchens benefit from a mix of traditional and modern elements, like classic wood cabinets paired with sleek, stainless steel appliances. Cottage kitchens often feature softer colors and open shelving for a lighter, airy feel. Meanwhile, contemporary kitchens lean towards minimalism, with clean lines, functional spaces, and a simple color palette. We will consider the architectural style of your home, your preferences, your lifestyle, and the specific use-cases you have in mind for your kitchen.

We Remodel Kitchens at Every Budget Level

At Veteran Grains, we understand that every homeowner has a different budget for their kitchen remodel. Whether you're looking to make a few cost-effective updates or planning a full-scale luxury renovation, we have the expertise and flexibility to match your budget. For those working within a modest budget, we focus on impactful changes that offer substantial value. This might include refreshing your cabinets with new paint or hardware, upgrading to durable laminate countertops, or removing extra non-load bearing walls to create an open, flowing floor plan.

On the other end of the spectrum, we can bring in premium materials like natural stone countertops, custom hardwood cabinetry, and high-end stainless steel appliances. Features like a spacious kitchen island, slate or teak floor, and under-cabinet lighting can add that extra touch of luxury and convenience to your kitchen.

No matter the budget, we prioritize quality and value, ensuring that your kitchen remodel enhances both the beauty and functionality of your space. We work closely with you to select materials and features that fit your budget while still achieving the look and feel you're dreaming of.

Full Kitchen Remodels or Specific Improvements

Custom Cabinets or Refacing

If you want to improve your storage and kitchen function, we can fabricate, install and paint custom cabinets for you. We can also reface your current kitchen cabinets if they are structurally sound. We use high quality wood and hardware, and each board is perfectly fitted to your space -- this alone will dramatically improve your lifestyle and the appearance of your kitchen.

Upgrade Your Countertops or Backsplash

Upgrading your countertops or backsplash can significantly refresh the look of your kitchen. For countertops, popular materials include granite, quartz, and marble, each offering durability and a unique style. Granite stands out for its rugged beauty, quartz for its maintenance ease, and marble for that classic, sophisticated touch. When it comes to backsplashes, options range from ceramic and porcelain tiles to glass and metal finishes, allowing for endless creativity in patterns and colors. Subway tiles continue to be a favorite for their clean lines and versatility, while mosaic tiles can add color and artistry.

At every turn, we take into account your appetite for maintenance and durability -- we want you to love your new kitchen features for many years.

Get a Custom Kitchen Island

Whether it's a standalone project or part of a major remodel, we can build and install a custom kitchen island for you. We can include a built-in wine rack, high end countertop, custom shelving and quiet-close drawers, and much more. The whole point of a custom kitchen island is that it serves your unique needs and lifestyle - let us make that happen for you.

There Are So Many More Remodeling Options For Your Kitchen

From new windows to an upgraded luxury vinyl tile (LTV) floor, the options for improving your kitchen are endless. We can help with luxury fixtures, painting, refacing, custom built-ins, and so much more.

To get your complimentary consultation and quote, please get in touch. Our kitchen remodelers in Whitehall, PA  would love to hear from you, and we will respond right away. We serve Whitehall, Stiles, Ironton, Catasauqua, and all of the Lehigh Valley.

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