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Drywall Repair in Allentown, PA | Free Quote

Call Veteran Grains, a local home improvement contractor in Allentown, for help with drywall repair at your home or business. We'll give you a free quote, set a time to fix or replace your drywall, and have your wall looking like new in no time at all.

It's amazing how even a small ding or a water stain on your drywall can ruin the look of an entire room. From small toddler-caused holes to larger sections that may have water damage or other problems, we'll handle it in no time at all. Give us a call at your earliest convenience - we look forward to hearing from you.

We Handle Many Types of Drywall Repair in Allentown

Drywall damage can vary widely, from minor imperfections like small dings caused by door handles or furniture, to significant issues such as large holes or water damage. The repair process often depends on the size of the damage. Small repairs might only need a bit of mesh and spackle, while larger problems could require new sections of drywall. Water damage repairs are particularly complex as they require the source of moisture to be fixed before the drywall itself can be repaired to prevent future issues. Cracks, often found in older homes or buildings that have settled, are typically fixed using a tape and joint compound method to ensure a lasting repair. Whether we need to cut out a section of your sheetrock and replace it, or simply patch up a hole, we are happy to help.

What's the Drywall Repairing Process?

We'll assess the damage, prepare the area, repair the hole or crack, sand and smooth the surface, then apply the finishing touches. Initially, we will assess the damage to determine whether the drywall needs to be repaired or replaced entirely. Preparation involves clearing the area and ensuring a stable surface. If a drywall replacement is needed, a new piece of drywall will be measured, cut, and secured. Once the new section is in place or the repair is made, it is sanded until it blends seamlessly with the surrounding area. The final steps involve texturing and painting to ensure the repair matches the rest of the wall.

We Will Leave Your Wall Looking Like New

We won't leave until the new section of sheetrock fits perfectly, or the hole is no longer visible at all. We'll sand and paint the entire section (and the whole wall if necessary).

We Also Provide Other Home Services

Do you have other projects that need attention at your home? We are known in the area for bathroom remodeling in Allentown, and we handle kitchen remodeling as well. We can install a new backsplash for you, replace your kitchen countertop, restore your home from flooding or smoke damage, and more. For the finest home improvement services in the area, call Veteran Grains today. Our drywall repair services extend to Allentown, Nazareth, Kutztown, and the entire surrounding area.

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