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If you'd like to update your kitchen or get your hands dirty with a full remodel, call Veteran Grains. We are the leading kitchen remodeling contractors in Emmaus, PA and all of the Lehigh Valley, and we would love to offer you a free consultation and quote. Our costs are transparent and fair, and you'll receive the highest quality workmanship. We can also work with you to identify features and materials that are within your budget and preferred design. Call us or send us a note to get started - we would be happy to hear from you.

We Can Help You Define Your Kitchen Aesthetic

There are so many design concepts available - we understand that this can be overwhelming. We are happy to help you find options within the realm of your tastes and budget. Whether you're drawn to the inviting feel of a traditional kitchen, with classic wood cabinets and cozy trims and molding, or the minimalist and contemporary look of a Scandinavian kitchen with high-gloss finishes, there's a style for every taste.

For a balance between old and new, consider a transitional kitchen. The focus will be on neutral colors, and we can strategically merge natural materials like wood and stone with durable, contemporary materials. The hardware and cabinetry in a transitional kitchen are usually understated, and the combination of things like natural wood and stainless steel create a striking environment.

If you're looking for something more chic, farmhouse kitchens offer rustic charm, open shelving, and apron sinks. We can custom-fit new shaker cabinets for you, and in addition to creating space for any antiques or vintage pieces you may have on hand, we can add wainscoting or other features to warm the atmosphere.

Industrial kitchens bring a truly unique, edgy feel to your culinary space. Features like exposed pipes, metal surfaces, and even color panels with bold colors like red and burnt orange can create a fascinating kitchen that you will love and visitors will be amazed by. Coastal kitchens facilitate a light and breezy space with soft colors and natural light, and cottage kitchens may perfectly suit a bungalow or other home where square footage is at a premium.

Whatever your preference may be, we can guide the design, help you select the appropriate materials, and create an amazing kitchen for you.

Key Features in Your Kitchen Remodel in Emmaus, PA

Choose Your Countertop

We are the local countertop experts, both in the context of full kitchen remodeling and as a standalone project. Quartz, marble and granite create a high-end look that can act as a showstopper as you entertain guests and friends -- quartz is easy to maintain, lasts for many years, and is available in many colors. Marble requires a bit more maintenance, but it is often considered king amongst luxury kitchen countertops because of how beautiful it is. Granite has a fascinating, rugged look that is well-suited for many styles of kitchen.

We can also install a cost-effective laminate countertop -- the technology has come a long way. We can even install a laminate countertop with realistic wood grains or stone patterns. Let us know what your budget and design preferences are, and we'll make it happen.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Storage

Clever storage solutions such as pull-out drawers, spice racks, and custom cabinets can help keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free. Corner cabinets with lazy Susans and vertical dividers for baking sheets and cutting boards are also excellent for making the most of available space, and custom cabinets, a custom pantry system, or built-in wine racks make a world difference, both visually and practically.

Is Your Kitchen Floor Up To Par?

Your kitchen floor needs to look great, endure heavy foot traffic, and stand up to spills and moisture without staining the grout. Porcelain tiles are a popular choice for their resistance to moisture and stains, available in designs that mimic the look of wood or natural stone. Luxury vinyl flooring offers a cost-effective alternative with similar durability and a wide range of style options. Hardwood floors remain a timeless option, though they may require more maintenance in a kitchen environment.

Choose The Perfect Backsplash

We receive many calls specifically for backsplash installation, and we always pay careful attention to this kitchen feature during remodels. A backsplash not only protects your walls from spills and splatters, but it also offers an opportunity to add personality into your kitchen. Tiles are the most popular option, and we can add custom patterns, interesting colors, and matte or glossy finishes. We can also use bold, patterned tiles or materials like glass and metal to create a focal point. The right backsplash ties the room's design elements together and can make a significant impact on the overall look of your kitchen.

Cook More Efficiently With a Kitchen Island

Let us build or customize your kitchen island as part of your kitchen remodel in Emmaus. We can add barstools, include high end drawers or built in storage, include a breakfast bar, customize the look with beautiful trim and molding, and much more. The island should serve as a practical item to help you prepare meals, a social focal point during gatherings, and an eye-catching statement piece.

Lighting, Appliances, Layout Changes and So Much More

Open up your kitchen by knocking down a wall, add gorgeous pendant lights, enclose your new refrigerator within built-in cabinetry, or accomplish any other design goal - it's up to you and your budget. We've created many spectacular kitchens throughout the Lehigh Valley, and we would love to help you!

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