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Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Emmaus, PA

If you're looking for a small or master bathroom remodel or renovation, call Veteran Grains. We are leading bathroom remodelers in Emmaus and all of the Lehigh Valley, and we would be happy to provide a free consultation and quote. As a Veteran owned business, we are committed to transparency in pricing and the highest quality of workmanship -- we want to create a spectacular bathroom that you will enjoy for many years to come. From material selection to the choice of features and functions, we will stay within your budget and vision.

Send us an email or give us a call, and we'll be in touch right away. We look forward to working with you.

We Can Design Your Bathroom or Work Within Your Vision

Choosing Your Design

If you have no idea where to start, give us a call. Walking around large bathroom remodeling showrooms can be overwhelming, and you have to deal with pushy salespeople and one-size-fits-all solutions. Feel free to bring pictures, big ideas, or specific pain points to your consultation with us, and we'll talk through how we can make it a reality.

We are happy to abide by traditional modern design aesthetics, or we can create a rustic farmhouse oasis for you. We can also remodel your bathroom to have a contemporary Scandinavian feel, cottage look, industrial vibe or anything else -- it all comes down to layout, material selection and other features. 

What Materials Would You Like?

Material selection boils down to design and budget. We can use natural stone, quartz, granite and marble, and the textures and visual appeal of these materials will always elicit comments from houseguests -- it will elevate your daily bathroom experience as well. But these materials can be costly. Certain affordable laminate flooring and countertop materials can still last for decades, and they even come in wood or stone imitation patterns. We are happy to help you make a choice between natural or man-made materials in your bathroom.

Natural wood is the same way -- we can build cabinets and shelving for you out of natural wood, and we can even install an exotic hardwood floor from teak or a different Brazilian lumber. But you can also save money with ceramic tiles, laminate, or other materials. From sink fixtures to glass, trims, and lighting, we can help you select materials that will complement your design choice and improve your lifestyle within budget.

Remodeling Large and Small Bathrooms in Emmaus, PA

Are you tying a large bathroom into a master bedroom suite, renovating a guest bathroom, or improving a powder room for friends and guests to use? Regardless of the size and function of a bathroom, we can remodel it for you.

In small bathrooms, we can add sleek sinks, showers and toilets, and we can create a vertical shelving or storage system to save space. The choice color also helps a small bathroom feel larger and more open, and we are always happy to share examples with you.

Large bathrooms offer more possibilities, from spa baths to jacuzzis, built-in seating, dual vanities with casing and opulent lighting, and wainscoting. We can also add freestanding sinks, tubs, and other spectacular eclectic design items if you have a larger bathroom.

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Our bathroom remodeling services in Emmaus are available for small bathrooms, large baths, luxury bathrooms and economical spaces alike. We want to help you enjoy your home more, and whether you are trying to prepare your house for a sale or adding more kids to the fold, we can make your new bathroom happen. Call us at your earliest convenience for a consultation and quote - we would love to hear from you.

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